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Switzerland, 20 rappen, 1961

September 25, 2011

The coins I pulled first for this entry is a duplicate UK penny from 1988 (featured on March 23rd). I pull again.

Switzerland, 20 rappen, 1961 (KM #29a)

As a time traveler, I love Swiss coins. This design, like the ones for the 10 rappen, 1/2 franc, 1 franc, and 2 franc coins, has survived unchanged since 1879! It’s one little bit of 19th Century everyday art that has survived to the present day. Swiss coinage has a longevity and continuity unmatched in most world currency. Only a few places on Earth can say that they are still using eh same coins that they were using 60 years ago, and Switzerland is one of those places. I would love to go roll hunting in Switzerland.

The 20 rappen coin changed metals in 1939, from nickel to copper-nickel, and has stayed in continuous production ever since. I highly respect that. Furthermore, it’s worth 22.1 cents USD right now.

Fun fact: the year 1961 can be read upside down! It was the first year since 1881 that had that distinction, and it won’t happen again until 6009 AD. (This is actually an annoying thing about 1961 when I’m looking at coins that split the year in the design, putting “19” off to the left and “61” to the right. I always have to check to see if I’m holding the coin upside down.)

Mintage is 8,234,000
Metal Copper-nickel
Weight 4 g
Diameter 21.05 mm
Thickness 1.65 mm
Engraver K. F. Voigt (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment


United Kingdom, 1 shilling, 1961 (English arms)

February 7, 2011

Same coin as January 3rd, just four years older.

United Kingdom, 1 shilling, 1961 (English arms) (KM #904)

Mintage is 39,816,907.

Metal Copper-nickel
Weight 5.61 g
Diameter 23.62 mm
Thickness 1.72 mm
Engraver Mary Gillick (obverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment
Demonetized 02-15-1971

Hong Kong, 50 cents, 1961

January 15, 2011

The first pull today is my first repeat, the UK 10 pence that was featured on January 8th. The second coin is….

Hong Kong, 50 cents, 1961 (KM #30)

Remember that security edge I was talking about three days ago? Well, this coin has it:

The British issued coins for Hong Kong starting in the 1860s, and kept doing so until retrocession to China in 1997. The mintage on this particular coin is a low 6 milllion, and the coin is worth about 6.5 cents USD. This is the oldest coin I’ve pulled out of the bag so far.

Metal Copper-nickel
Weight 5.8500 g
Diameter 23.5 mm
Engraver C. Thomas (obverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment