Hello. If you are reading this, you have found my blog. I started the Ryanarium in 2005, originally hosted at Microsoft Spaces which became Windows Live Spaces which is now part of WordPress. Since 2010, this blog is mostly a stub of my online presence, a thing that I update irregularly whenever I can come up with some content that doesn’t belong anywhere else.

Most of the Ryanarium’s older content was written back before I was on FaceBook. Since joining FB in 2008, I’ve moved a lot of my Daily Life content there. If you are really interested in following my everyday details, please friend me on FaceBook.

Most of my gaming related content is reserved for BoardGameGeek, unless it is long.

The BI95 series ran from March through July 2010. In this series, I retro-blogged by trip to the British Isles in 1995. I posted the text of my travel journal and scans of my photos exactly fifteen years after the original day.

Starting on 28 December 2010, I began a Coin Of The Day series. Each day, I pulled a random coin out of a large sack of foreign coins that I bought at a coin show, and blogged about that particular coin in as much detail as I could. This sack weighs twenty pounds, so this series is likely to run for several years.


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