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The last post of an unmarried man

March 10, 2006
This will be my last post as an unmarried man.  In a few days, our families will be arriving, things will be taken care of, and in six short days, the wedding hour will be upon us.  I welcome it, mostly so that my relationship with Evelyn is finally permanent, as I feel it should be, but also because this whole wedding business will be over with.  Of course there will be other things to do: shop for new furniture, go through name change papers, file our taxes.  But that all will be fine.  It pales in comparison to the pressure-cooker that has been the wedding planning.  Even though we had ten months to plan, even though we both spent four years in a demanding and intense engineering college, even though I have done a senior thesis on my own, this wedding was still harder.  Maybe it was the ominous deadline.  Maybe it was the simultaneous stress of work and other small things that could not be bothered to leave us alone.  Maybe.  But we’ve spent the last four months pushed to our stress limits, and I eagerly await for that to end.  Now I understand why honeymoons exist.
I would like to thank all the people who have helped us on our journey toward marriage.  All the people who have supported our relationship from its earliest days and now (you know who you are).  All the vendors who have been so kind to answer our questions, listen to our complaints, and solve our problems.  To our parents, both mine and hers, that have been nothing but enthusiastic about our new life together.  To our friends who have given us that social time together to help us unwind in jovial company when we needed the most.  And lastly to my bride-to-be, who has been my pillar of stability, my voice of reason, my spare brain, and my stress reliever all at once.  I wouldn’t have started this journey without her, but I certainly wouldn’t have completed without her.
To my readers…I appreciate your silent presence.  I will be gone for two weeks now, but thankfully this won’t interfere with my characteristic posting frequency.  I hope to put up vacation photos when I get back toward the end of March.  Until then, I will be on a deserved sabbatical.  *whew*
(Technical tangent: For some reason I have not been able to log onto my site using Firefox, at least since January.  I would not be surprised if Microsoft has given blocked access to Spaces through Firefox.  Indeed I can only upload photos through IE.  If anyone can shed light on this issue, I would be grateful.  Your reward will be more posts by me!)