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2 March 1995

March 2, 2010
(This is part of my ongoing "BI95" series, chronicling my trip to the British Isles in 1995. I’m retro-liveblogging the entries from my journal.)

Travel tips and packing suggestions were the focus of this meeting.

  • luggage size
  • 2 people to people polo shirts
  • stick to packing list
  • Blazer for visit to Parliament
  • Pack as much as you might need; stuff like snacks can get expensive
  • wear polo and dress shirt pants on plane

Fearless Leader #1: Mrs. K____

Fearless Leader #2: Mr. S____

Fearless Leader #3: Mr. H____

Future Ryan says: I did wear that blazer to Parliament. Ah, and I miss the pre-TSA flying days, when you only had to pack your suitcase once.