Four coins

I am negotiating a coin swap with another collector. He requested high-quality scans of the coins he requested. Here they are, in the unlikely event that anyone else could have productive use of these images:

four coins obv

four coins rev


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2 Responses to “Four coins”

  1. Kell Brigan Says:

    Sorry — this isn’t about coins. I can’t find any way to communicate with anyone who maintains the IceHouse website(s), so I’m throwing out a Hail Mary pass here. I’m assuming you’re on the Looney Labs Pyramids board. Please see my 11/29/13 comment at I have a game I’ve designed that I’d like to enter in in the 2013 Ice House Awards. I can’t figure out even remotely how to do this. I was referred to the wiki pages, but how they’re maintained, how to enter a game, or even how to get help with the site are all buried under round-robin links and in mysterious pseudo-code and interior language. (I actually work in IT, and I’m finding it impossible to make sense of any of it. How is anyone who’s not in IT — or, like me, who is in IT, but has no idea what any of the code words mean — supposed to participate?) Even going to the “Help” pages just results in a fake “Zendo” joke about no help being available. Great. So, if you’re not fluent in programming code for primitive wiki pages, you’re not welcome? I’ve been working on a pyramids game for about ten months that I’d like to enter, but I can’t even begin to figure out how to do so. Why is this so hard? I couldn’t even submit a question to the site (There is discussion about using a “talk” page, but no explanation whatsoever of what exactly a “talk” page is in the first place) and that’s why I’m trying to break through here. Thx.

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