France, 1 franc, 1992

And here is today’s coin…

France, 1 franc, 1992 (KM #925.1)

I first featured this type of French franc on 25 August 2011.

What happened in 1992? The Soviet Union dissolved into the Confederation of Independent States. Former Soviet states Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia, now separate nations, minted their first coins in decades. Mexico revalued their peso 1,000 to one. Argentina revalued their peso 10,000 to one. The Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, Spain. Bill Clinton won the election, making George H. W. Bush the latest incumbent president to lose a reelection bid and our latest single-term president. The Rodney King Riots tore apart Los Angeles. Jay Leno replaced Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. Disney scored a hit with Aladdin, but Army of Darkness and A Few Good Men also draw movie audiences. And I visited New Mexico

Metal Nickel
Weight 6 g
Diameter 24 mm
Thickness 1.79 mm
Engraver Louis-Oscar Roty
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment
Demonetized 02-17-2002


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