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Italy, 100 lire, 1958

August 19, 2011

Time for tonight’s coin…

Italy, 100 lire, 1958 (KM #96.1)

Same coin as the one from May 24th, but several years younger. These stainless steel Italian coins are common in foreign coin lots, and they stand up well to age. But they are also magnetic. As I set this coin on my laptop, up where the screen hinge meets the keyboard, the coin got “stuck” by some unseen force. There must be a magnet inside my laptop, and I never would have known if it weren’t for this coin.

Mintage is 25,640,000
Metal Stainless Steel
Weight 8 g
Diameter 27.8 mm
Thickness 2.0 mm
Engraver Giuseppe Romagnoli
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment
Demonetized 02-28-2002


France, 1 franc, 1958

February 9, 2011

This one is different.

France, 1 franc, 1958 (KM #885a.1)

This design for the French franc was used from 1932-1940 (in brass) and 1941-1959 (in aluminum), with a brief interruption during WWII when the Vichy government issued the “axe franc” instead. After the revaluation of the French franc in 1960, and the new franc’s replacement by the euro forty years after that, this coin is twice removed from legal tender status.

Mintage is 21,197,000
Metal Aluminum
Weight 1.3 g
Diameter 23 mm
Thickness 1.41 mm
Engraver P. A. Morlon
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓
Demonetized yes