Italy, 10 lire, 1953

I’m surprised that this common Italian coin has not been featured already.

Italy, 10 lire, 1953 (KM #93)

The aluminum 10-lire coin debuted in 1951 and was minted for half a century through 2001, right until the euro advent. It features a plow and wheat, illustrating Italy’s agricultural bounty. Who can imagine Italy without pasta?

What else was going on in 1953? Dwight Eisenhower took office as President. Joseph Stalin died. An armistice brokered a truce for the Korean War (which still stands to this day). Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for treason, allegedly for selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets. The atomic submarine Nautilus was under construction. Watson and Crick discover the DNA double helix, and Jonas Salk reveals his polio vaccine. Hilary conquers Everest. Elizabeth II is crowned. My mother’s parents got married.

Mintage = 151,500,000
Metal Aluminum
Weight 1.6 g
Diameter 23.25 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm
Engraver Giuseppe Romagnoli
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment
Demonetized 02-28-2002


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One Response to “Italy, 10 lire, 1953”

  1. Michael Sherman Says:

    Who can imagine Italy without pasta, you ask. Well, we just have to imagine a time before Marco Polo sailed to the far east, because there was no pasta in Italy at this time.

    I love your coin stories

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