Spain, 25 pesetas, 1968

Finally, I coin I can ID, with the help of a magnifying lens.

Spain, 25 pesetas, 1968 (KM #787)

If you think that 1957 is the mintage year for this coin, you are WRONG! The real mintage year is a two digit year stamped inside the six-pointed star to the left of the eagle on the reverse. The date that appears under Franco is the design date, which was fixed to a certain year until the design changed. This was a very unusual and very annoying thing the Spanish Mint did from 1947 through 1982. I used to think the design date was the mintage date, but now I know better, and so do you. This coin also has the unusual trait of raised edge lettering (instead of the more common inscribed edge designs). To my knowledge, only Spanish coins of this era did that. By the way, the euro killed this coin.

Mintage is 30,000,000
Metal Copper-Nickel
Weight 8.6 g
Diameter 26.6 mm
Thickness 2.15 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment
Demonetized yes


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One Response to “Spain, 25 pesetas, 1968”

  1. Joaquim Says:

    50 pesetas coin is the same thing, with the date in the star

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