United Kingdom, 10 pence, 1974

Fourth coin in a row. I’m on a roll today….

United Kingdom, 10 pence, 1974 (KM #912)

What an opportune time for a 10p coin to come up! In my first post today, I mentioned how the 2 shilling coin and the 10-pence coin were designed to be interchangeable in circulation. Well, here’s a 10p as an example. By holding the two coins together right now, I can easily confirm that they are indeed the same in diameter, weight, color, and edge reeding. Had the 10p not been reduced in size in 1992, and had not the larger old 10p coins been demonetized, this coin would have been worth 16.5 cents USD.

Mintage is 92,741,000
Metal Copper-nickel
Weight 11.31 g
Diameter 28.5 mm
Thickness 2.27 mm
Engravers Arnold Machin (obverse)
Christopher Ironside (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment
Demonetized 07-01-1993


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2 Responses to “United Kingdom, 10 pence, 1974”

  1. kushal Says:

    how much will d rate be now if we sell it now ?

    • deeplogic81 Says:

      Large ten-pence coins are still common and don’t fetch a premium at U.S. coin shows. Unless your tenner is in great condition, it might only fetch up to a dollar to the right buyer. It’s copper-nickel metal content is worth about USD $0.12.

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