Austria, 10 groschen, 1976

Holy guacamole, Batman! It’s a coin of the day! I thought they were just an urban legend. (Actually, I’ve been busy. My long absences from this blog mean I’m using my precious free time to set up coin trades through the mail with fellow collectors. It takes me weeks to process such a trade, with most of the time spent slogging through my spare coins looking for the specific ones the other party has requested. I only have a few hours a week to devote to this, but I prioritize trades over blogging.)

Austria, 10 groschen, 1976 (KM #2878)

This coin is a pretty common one. I had many others from different years, but didn’t yet have a 1976.

The Austrian schilling was introduced after World War II, replacing the pre-Anschluss Austrian schilling at par, so technically the schilling survived from 1925 to 2001 with a mere interlude from 1938-1945 due to German occupation. This particular type of 10 groschen coin was introduced in 1951, and minted continuously for a half century. Regardless of your stance between the Keynesian and Austrian schools of economic thought, I must admit that the Austrian school must have worked, as the Austrians had one of Europe’s lowest inflation rates over the course of the 20th Century. Who knows how long this coin would have stayed in production had it not gone out with the euro?

But did they really need to label the denomination three times?!?

1976 mintage = 39,357,000
Metal Aluminum
Weight 1.1 g
Diameter 19.80 mm
Thickness 1.55 mm
Engraver Hans Köttenstorfer
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment
Demonetized 02-28-2002


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