France, 2 eurocents, 1999

And a coin for today:

France, 2 eurocents, 1999 (KM #1283)

When it comes to placing dates on coins, there are two traditions. Some nations, like the USA and Germany, date their coins for when they are put into circulation. Other nations, like France, date their coins for when they are made, regardless of how long it takes them to enter circulation. That is why this eurocoin is dated three years earlier than the introduction of Euro coins and banknotes for usage. France, as did Belgium, Finland, Spain, and the Netherlands, spent three years striking eurocoins in advance, preparing to meet the high demands when the coins became legal tender on EuroDay in 2002. The French dating tradition makes more sense to me, especially when I receive a shiny new 2010 coin well into 2011, fresh from the Mint wrapper. With a mintage of 702,104,013, this is the most common date for all French 2-cents. Like all 2 eurocent coins, it is worth 2.8 cents USD.

Metal Copper plated Steel
Weight 3.06 g
Diameter 18.75 mm
Thickness 1.67 mm
Engravers F. Courtiade (obverse)
L. Luycx (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment


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