Vichy France, 1 franc, 1943

And here is today’s coin.

Vichy France, 1 franc, 1943 (KM #902.1)

This coin is a companion piece to the Vichy 2 francs featured on March 5th. I’ve always found it interesting that the Vichy government changed that national motto from the revolutionary “liberte, egalite, fraternite” to “travail, familie, patrie”. It illustrates that Petain’s pro-German government stressed loyalty to family and fatherland than to any brotherhood bound by liberty. The message is clear… the state is your friend, and your neighbor isn’t.

Metal is aluminum.
Mintage is unreported.
Weight 1.6 g
Diameter 23 mm
Engraver L.Bazor (obverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment ā†‘ā†“
Demonetized yes


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2 Responses to “Vichy France, 1 franc, 1943”

  1. Jason Mitchell Says:

    I have one of the 1.6g km# 902.1 francs. Is it really considered rare?

    • deeplogic81 Says:

      The 1942 franc is common at 1.6g. A lot of people mistake the 1.3g 1943 franc for the 1.6g variety, partly because they have the same KM catalog number. It is hard to say that the 1.6g 1943 franc is rare or not since so many population reports include misidentified 1.3g 1943 francs as well.

      However, there is a 1942 1.6g franc error worth looking out for… the initials “LB” are missing! In addition, any Vichy francs with the B or C mintmarks are uncommon in good condition.

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