Israel, 50 sheqalim, 5744 (1984)

Here’s today’s coin, right on time.

Israel, 50 sheqalim, 5744 (1984 CE) (KM #139)

This is a coin from Israel’s “first sheqel” period 1980-1985. The sheqel was revalued in 1986 at 1000:1, so this old sheqel coin is worth only 5 new agorot (1.4 cents USD) had it not been demonetized. The design of the coin reproduces an ancient coin from the Roman occupation era of the Hebrew lands two thousand years ago, making for a cool coin-in-a-coin effect. The name of Israel is repeated in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, reflecting the multi-cultural demographics of modern Israel. This coin’s date is 5744 on the Hebrew calendar, corresponding to a Common Era year of 1984.

Metal Aluminum-bronze
Weight 9 g
Diameter 28 mm
Thickness 2.2 mm
Engravers G. Neumann (obverse)
N. Karp (reverse)
Shape Round
Demonetized 09-04-1986


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