Cuba, 25 centavos, 1994

Another repeat coin, a 25 centavos coin from Cuba, year 2000. That coin was already featured on March 7th. The next coin I pulled is also a repeat… the 1998 Cuban 5 centavos featured on March 8th. I pull again…. it’s the third Cuban coin in a row, but it’s not a repeat.

Cuba, 25 centavos, 1994 (KM #577.1)

This is the same type of coin as the one featured on March 11th, just four years older. The first year for these Cuban tourist pesos, 1994, have slightly different sculpting relief in the designs, and have rougher deeper reeding on the edge than their post-1994 follow-ons. Also, the ’94 coins have medal alignment, whereas all the post-’94 coins have coin alignment.

Metal Nickel plated Steel
Weight 5.70 g
Diameter 23 mm
Thickness 1.8 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment


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One Response to “Cuba, 25 centavos, 1994”

  1. davidrwalker Says:

    Great site, I can tell that you have a lot of fun with this. I loved the country of Cube, I regret that I only took one of each type of coin with me.

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