United Kingdom, 1 penny, 1920

It’s large… and old. It breaks the record for oldest coin I’ve pulled from the sack by 23 years!

United Kingdom, 1 penny, 1920 (KM #810)

As a collector, I am enamored with coin series that have longevity, so the pre-decimal British coins are of particular interest to me. This coin is part of the first series of George V pennies, made from 1911 to 1926, and is part of the long tradition of pennies that were made to uniform standards from the early 1800s to 1967. Under the pre-decimal system, this coin is worth 1/240th of a pound, or 0.42 decimal pence (if you could spend it). That translates to 0.67 cents USD, which is an impressively small value for a coin the size of a half dollar.

Here’s what was going on in the UK in 1920.

Mintage = 124,693,000.
Metal Bronze
Weight 9.4 g
Diameter 31 mm
Thickness 1.64 mm
Engraver Edgar Bertram MacKennal (obverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment
Demonetized yes


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3 Responses to “United Kingdom, 1 penny, 1920”

  1. Jeanette Says:

    I have some older ones….are they worth anything?

    • deeplogic81 Says:


      Old British pennies, like all pre-decimal UK coinage, are no longer legal tender in the UK. You can’t go around London spending them anymore.

      However, as with all obsolete coins, some are of interest to collectors like myself, especially if they are Victorian or earlier. Depending on the age of you coins and the condition they are in, they could be worth anywhere from a few cents each to several dollars or more. A more precise answer would require photos of your coins in question.

      Thanks for reading,

      • Sheetz Says:

        Good Morning,

        My coins are dark and I’m not sure how to get you pictures….some date back to the 1800’s.  Taking pics of them probably won’t show the date.  Do you recommend or know of anyone in the United States – especially Texas that might be able to look at them?

        Thank you and have a wonderful week!



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