Ethiopia, 10 santeem, 1977

The first coin I pulled was a 1998 Cuban 5 centavos, featured on Tuesday. And then I pulled this…

Ethiopia, 10 santeem, 1977 (KM #45.2)

The lion on this coin is totally awesome. That is one fierce creature that I wouldn’t want to cross. Makes me not want to f–k with Ethiopia, to leave them alone! This coin has a message, and that message is “go away, or I will bite you!”

The script on this coin is all Ge’ez, but the numerals underneath the lion’s head read “1969”. This is, of course, 1969 on the Ethiopian calendar, which lags the gregorian calendar by eight years. For example, it’s 2003EE right now. So 1969EE is 1977AD.

The mintage of this coin is 202,722,000, and its value is 0.60 cents USD.

Metal Brass
Weight 4.5 g
Diameter 23 mm
Engraver Stuart Devlin
Shape Round


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2 Responses to “Ethiopia, 10 santeem, 1977”

  1. sally Says:

    I also have one
    worth much?

  2. deeplogic81 Says:

    Hi, Sally!

    Like I said in my above post, this type of coin is worth about six tenths of a cent USD at recent exchange rates. If you ask around, you might find a foreign coin collector who might pay you one dollar for it. Of course, as with all coins, condition is everything. If your specimen is in flawless brand-new condition, free of scratches or discoloration, it might fetch a little more.

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