France, 10 francs, 1977

This coin is nice and hefty. Wish our dollar coin had this much seriousness in hand.

France, 10 francs, 1977 (KM #940)

When France discontinued the silver 10-franc coin in 1973, this was the replacement. This coin is a thick chunk of brass with a handsome dark patina like old wine. The labor and industry motifs on the coin, the electrified French hexagon on the obverse and the shipyard/construction scene on the reverse, suggest that France is hard at work. The edge had nice deep lettering and a few agricultural motifs, to suggest that France more than just hard hats and steel girders. I love the balance of old and new on this coin, looking forward and backward at the same time. Even the little details like the clean sans serif font on the reverse but the old-style serif font on the edge, reinforces this. Mathieu, your work gets high marks by me.

Of course, this is a dead coin from a dead currency. It might have been exchangable for euros, but that window has closed. Mintage quantity is 100,052,511 in ’77.

Metal Nickel-Brass
Weight 10 g
Diameter 26.01 mm
Thickness 2.54 mm
Engraver Atelier de Paris (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment
Demonetized 02-17-2002


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