United Kingdom, 2 pence, 1988

Here’s a familiar coin.

United Kingdom, 2 pence, 1988 (KM #936)

This coin is similar to the one featured on January 19th, with a few differences. The Queen’s portrait was updated to this one in 1985, and the words “NEW PENCE” were replaced with “TWO PENCE” in 1982. Exact mintage of this coin is 419,889,000, and it’s worth 3.2 cents USD.

But I know what you’re asking… what’s up with those ostrich feathers? Ostriches don’t live in England. Well, that’s the Badge of the Prince of Wales. The words “Ich Dien” on the ribbon are German for “I serve”. Recall that King George I (and George II) were native German speakers, monarchs of the House of Hanover.

Metal Bronze
Weight 7.12 g
Diameter 25.9 mm
Thickness 1.85 mm
Engravers R. Maklouf (obverse)
C. Ironside (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment


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