Poland, 2 grosze, 2005

It’s small.

Poland, 2 grosze, 2005 (Y #277)

The Polish zloty is divided into 100 groszy (singular grosz, two grosze). It was introduced in 1995, replacing the communist-era zloty. In line with Polish Mint tradition, the coins for the new zloty were dated for when they were struck, and such coins are dated as far back as 1990, revealing that the Polish Mint planned five years ahead on the new currency’s introduction. (In America and other European countries, coins are dated for when they are intended to be released for circulation. Poland follows the French tradition, which is why you can find French, Dutch, and Spanish euro coins from 1999, three years before the euro became the currency of the Eurozone.)

One of the neat things of the sub-zloty Polish coins is that the reverse design bears a number of oak leaves equal to the denomination of the coin, two in this case. This coin has been minted since 1990, and the 2005 mintage is 163 million. It is worth 0.7 cents USD.

Metal Manganic brass
Weight 2.1 g
Diameter 17.5 mm
Thickness 1.2 mm
Engraver St. Watróbska-Frindt (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment


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