Israel, 10 agorot, 5758 (1998)

Here’s another non-gregorian coin, like the Egyptian one featured on January 20th.

Israel, 10 agorot, 5758 (1998) (KM #158)

When Israel was founded in 1948, it adopted the Israeli lirot as its currency. They had to revalue it twice since then, once in 1980 (when they also took the opportunity to rename it the Hebrew-friendly Sheqel), and again in 1985. Since 1985, the sheqel has held its value, and today’s coin is from the post-’85 era. The date is written using the Hebrew calendar, which is ahead of the gregorian calendar by 3760 years. This coin is from 5758, or 1998 in our common era. It is worth ten agorot, one tenth of a sheqel, or about 2.7 cents USD.

Metal Aluminum-bronze
Weight 4.02 g
Diameter 21.97 mm
Thickness 1.61 mm
Engraver G. Neumann (reverse)
Shape Round


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