Trinidad & Tobago, 25 cents, 1998

And here’s today’s coin:

Trinidad & Tobago, 25 cents, 1998 (KM #32)

I have found coins from Trinidad & Tobago to be nearly perfect as currency for boardgames. They are small, which means I can fit quite a bit of them in a small space in my Wednesday Night Game Bag. Unlike poker chips, they have different sizes and a face value, so there’s no color scheme to memorize. They use numerals for the denominations (“5” instead of “five”, for example). And they are cheap. This coin may be worth one quarter of a Trinidad & Tobagan dollar, but that’s only 3.9 cents USD. Today’s coin specimen will certainly find a new life in my gaming supplies.

Metal Copper-nickel
Weight 3.51 g
Diameter 19.90 mm
Thickness 1.48 mm
Shape Round


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