Italy, 2 eurocents, 2002

The envelope, please…

Italy, 2 eurocents, 2002 (KM #211)

With a mintage of almost 1.1 billion, this is not just a common type or eurocoin, but indeed one of the most common types of all eurocoins ever. It is worth about 2.6 cents USD.

The most interesting thing about this coin is its edge. The coin has a groove that runs down the middle of its smooth edge, giving the appearance of two thinner coins stuck together. Since the groove is protected from wear, it usually sports a bright stripe of copper. Edgewise grooves aren’t that unusual. There is an edge type called a security edge, seen on coins from India and British colonial Asia. However, the security edge is often reeded and typically has raised dots or other textures. The 2 eurocent coin is the only one I know of with a smooth groove along a smooth edge, quite unique.

Metal Copper plated Steel
Weight 3.06 g
Diameter 18.75 mm
Thickness 1.67 mm
Engravers L. De Simoni (obverse)
L. Luycx (reverse)
Shape Round


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