United Kingdom, 10 pence, 1973

Seems like I’ve hit a British vein in the bag lately. I hope I’m getting the common stuff out of the way early on.

United Kingdom, 10 pence, 1973 (KM #912)

When the UK decimalized, the new 10 pence coin matched the size and weight of the old 2 shillings coin. The diameter of the 10 pence coin was reduced by 4mm in 1992, so this large-size coin won’t circulate in the UK, but its still legal tender and worth about 16 cents USD. Mintage is 152,174,000.

Metal Copper-nickel
Weight 11.22 g
Diameter 28.37 mm
Thickness 2.27 mm
Engravers Arnold Machin (obverse)
Christopher Ironside (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment


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2 Responses to “United Kingdom, 10 pence, 1973”

  1. anshul Says:

    i have this coin . would you please tell me that it has antique value or not

    • deeplogic81 Says:

      The Royal mint has demonetized the large-size 10p coins, so it has no legal tender status. Like most modern base-metal coins minted in the tens of millions, it would be difficult to get more than one dollar for a circulated specimen.

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