United Kingdom, 1 shilling (English arms), 1965

Today’s coin is the oldest one featured so far:

United Kingdom, 1 shilling, 1965 (English arms) (KM #904)

This is a pre-decimal British coin, used before Decimal Day in 1971, and was minted from 1954 through 1967. One shilling is the equivalent of 5 new pence, and is the basis for the size and weight of the original decimal 5 pence coin. Of course, this coin has been demonetized, and is no longer legal tender anywhere.

The reverse depicts the national arms of England. Concurrent with the English arms, shilling coins were also struck bearing the Scottish arms (KM#905). If this was done as a gesture of national unity, I cannot help but wonder why Welsh and Northern Irish arms weren’t included.

Metal Copper-nickel
Weight 5.61 g
Diameter 23.62 mm
Thickness 1.72 mm
Engraver Mary Gillick (obverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment
Demonetized 02-15-1971


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