United Kingdom, 1 penny, 2000

Time to grab another random coin from my Sack O’ Foreigns:

United Kingdom, 1 penny, 2000 (KM #986)

This coin was minted by the United Kingdom between 1998 and 2008. The

obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II using the 4th portrait, introduced in 1998, and the reverse shows the badge of the Palace of Westminster. It’s value is one penny, one hundredth of a pound (the British equivalent of the US cent). The coin is made of 3.59 grams of copper-plated steel, with a diameter of 20.34mm and

thickness of 1.65mm. It is round with a smooth edge and has medal alignment. The coin is

worth about $0.016 USD today. The exact mintage is 1,060,364,000, making it one of the most heavily minted individual British coins in history.


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