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Two weeks ago, I bought a sack of assorted foreign coins at the Annandale Coin Show. I’ve been through a few bags of coins like this before, but this time I thought I’d blog my finds as I find them.

For each installment of this running series, I will pull a coin out of the bag at random. If that type of coin has not already been featured as a past Coin Of The Day, then I will post it as COTD. If it has already been featured, then I will set it aside and keep pulling until I find a new COTD candidate.

So without further ado, I’ll reach for the inaugural Coin:

China, 1 jiao, 1996 (KM #335)

This coin was minted by the People’s Republic of China between 1991 and 1999. The obverse depicts the national emblem of the Communist Party of China, and the reverse shows a peony blossom. It’s value is one jiao, one tenth of a yuan (the Chinese equivalent of the US dime). The coin is made of 2.2 grams of aluminum, with a diameter of 22.5mm and thickness of 2.46mm. It is round with a smooth edge and has medal alignment. The coin is worth about $0.02 USD today. The exact mintage is unknown.


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