15 July 1995

Woke up, ate, and drove to Killarney. Took a boat ride in some lakes. The horse and trap ride was more exciting even if I had to walk 35 minutes.

On the way back, we got drunk on limericks such as:

	A man rode on horse and trap
	Down a road in Dunloe Gap
	He had enough
	Of potholes and stuff
	And wasn’t a very happy chap.

After dinner, we went to Cork Gaol. From 1824-1868 it was an average jail until the men were transferred to another while this one became a women’s’ jail. In 1922, IRA revolutionists were brought here. Interesting tour. Slept.

Future Ryan says: Despite the Cork gaol being a far more ambitious and impressive structure in both size and history, the tour paled in comparison to the Welsh gaol we visited on July 7th. The Dunloe Gap boat-and-carriage trip felt like a chore to me. I did not comprehend how someone could find such a physical activity refreshing, but at that age I was a committed indoorsman.


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