14 July 1995

Woke up, ate, and saw Blarney Castle. Went up 108 stairs to kiss the Blarney Stone. Never should have because after that, every time we got off the coach, it started raining.

Ate at park with an award-winning restroom. Went to Bantry House. All the furniture came between 16th and 19th century.

The bay had a history for naval assembly, oysters, and an oil storage facility that exploded. Returned to Cork and got a free evening. Slept.

Difference – more superstitions

Future Ryan says: This is how I discovered that the Blarney Stone is cursed! Ever since, clear and sunny weather while on the bus, drizzle and rain when off it.

The oil facility explosion I’m refering to is the 1979 Betelgeuse incident.

Another thing about that bus ride… in the seat next to me on the coach was Jason, who at this point had consumed an entire six-pack of Irish Jolt and wouldn’t put his switchblade down. I requested a seat change.


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