13 July 1995

Woke up, ate, and said good-bye to my Homestay. Drove to Cork. Saw Cashel on the way. Just your average castle. Nothing unique.

Checked into Dean’s Hall then walked in POURING RAIN to a movie entitled First Knight.

Lancelot, a roamer, who challenges people to swordfights for money, saves the life of Guenevere, a lady on her way to be married to King Arthur. She gets to Camelot and has second thoughts after Lancelot runs the Gauntlet machine. Lancelot is knighted and Guenevere marries Arthur, both at St. Alban’s Cathedral. She is later kidnapped by a rival prince but Lancelot saves her. Guenevere’s home village is destroyed by the prince but is defeated by Arthur’s forces. Survivors are found and Guenevere, Arthur, and Lancelot get caught in an affair. Lancelot is tried but the prince takes hold of Camelot during the trail. Arthur dies in a struggle and Lancelot kills the prince. The monarchy is passed on to Lancelot by a dying Arthur who is later cremated and buried at sea. Went back and slept.

Similarity – ?

Difference – eat smaller meals

Future Ryan says: We stayed in a university dormitory in Cork during the last major leg of the trip, as we had done in Edinburgh. Just like yesterday, younger me has some screwy priorities, since I spent more verbiage on the movie synopsis than I have used to chronicle the entire two preceding days. Our motivation to see First Knight was the fact that scenes from the film had been filmed at St. Albans Cathedral (see June 30). This was the film’s opening week in Ireland. Despite it’s poor ratings, I’ve always had a fondness for the film due to its associations with my British Isles trip. Oh, by the way, the phrase "just your average castle" shows just how jaded I’d become by all the ancient structures I’d seen.

CORRECTION: It’s not that the Irish eat smaller meals. It’s that midwestern teenage boys eat large ones.


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