10 July 1995

Woke up, ate, packed, and drove to Holyhead to board the dynamic ferry. Very large. Several shows, restaurants, and a game room. Played cards through trip.

Drove to homestays. They are Teresa O’Mahony and her son who is 16. I don’t know the rest. Watched T.V. then went to bed.

Similarity/difference tomorrow

Future Ryan says: There were hard rains through the night, and in the morning the snails were out in force. It made the sidewalks difficult to navigate, lest I crush a snail under my shoe. Most of the other boys weren’t so compassionate.

At this point in my life, the Holyhead-Dublin ferry was the largest ship I’d ever been on. I remember that the ferry even had two movie screens aboard. We students were split about which film to attend, The Mask or Speed. I was in the minority camp that opted for The Mask. I also purchased a Cadbury bar from the snack stand.

Teresa O’Mahony grew rhubarb in her backyard. Her son was two years older than me, and that makes a big difference when you’re only 14.


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