8 July 1995

More knock-em dead scenery.

Went to Dinorwig Power Station. Built ¾ mile into a mountain. Slate mine used to be there. Is hydroelectric plant. Used for extra electricity generation or if other station fails.

Went to lunch at Swallow Falls. Tromped through a sheep meadow full of droppings to see it.

Got in water pistol skirmish. Dried off then walked along shore. Skipped a rock 5 times. Ate dinner then rode a boat around Puffin Island. Did see a lighthouse. Couldn’t see puffins well. Many terns and cormorants.

Played social/listening games then went to bed.

Future Ryan says: The hydroelectric plant was yet another thing I definitely would have paid more attention to if my future self were in charge. At this point in my life, I hadn’t yet settled on engineering as a career path. The turbines were enormous!


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