6 July 1995

Went to New Lanark. It was an old cotton mill on the river Clyde. Started by Daniel David Dale; it featured child labor. Robert Owen became manager of the mill and brought social reform. Children were better educated and treated fairly. Rode the Annie McLeod ride. Watched a waterframe spin cotton. Noisy.

Went back to Royal Commonwealth Pool. Still boring. More tomorrow.

similarity – cotton mills used child labor

difference – none thrifty

language – no notice

Future Ryan says: I found New Lanark fascinating in its utopian and early industrial splendor. Yet those early 19th century machines were deathtraps, capable of a painful death via twirling and puncturing metal. Robert Owen is famous in my native Indiana for being the progenitor of utopian commune New Harmony. Many of his reforms in New Lanark were ahead of their time, long overdue, and a much needed temperance upon labor practices in the world’s first modern factories. If future industrialists saw the bottom-line benefits of worker safety, the future would be a far better place.

I don’t know what I meant by "none thrifty".


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