5 July 1995

Went to Edinburgh Castle, Saw Crown Jewels of Scotland, which were found by Sir Walter Scoot Scott in 1818 after being locked up for 111 years. I also saw St. Margaret’s Chapel. It seats 25 and only had a few benches and an altar in it. I wanted to see the medical museum, War memorial, and military prison but ran out of time.

Changing of the Scottish Guard (which I had no idea they even did)

Ate lunch at University. Went to Edinburgh Crystal. Saw the glass-shaping process. The shaping was most interesting. I never gave much thought to how crystal was made. Stayed up ‘till 11:30 pm telling brain teasers and playing games. Also went to Royal Commonwealth Pool. Boring. All anyone wanted to do was dunk each other. I was too short to go on the slides.

Future Ryan says: I was really impressed with Edinburgh Castle, the first post-London location I wanted to spend more time exploring. There was a large stone outcropping right next to our dormitory residences, and we joked about climbing it in the middle of the night. Thankfully we never did. I bought some crystalware for my grandparents, despite concerns about its fragility in airport baggage handling. The pool was the largest swimming pool I had ever seen, and is to this day the closest I’ve been to an Olympic venue. But in 1995, I had been a competitive swimmer for two years, and didn’t see any point in swimming pools if it wasn’t competitive swimming. If general horseplay were the intention, I preferred to stay dry and quiet.


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