2 July 1995

Today I missed a good part of it because I slept in until 10:00. I eventually got up, ate, and went walking in Stevenage. All the buildings were brick and quite old. The new part was built after 1955. Big contrast to old part. We returned for lunch then went walking in Bramfield Wood. Lots of ferns and beeches. It was raining at the time.

After that I played board games until dinner. Then all of us played Scotland Yard. Nick, the bad guy, won. I watched a hilarious episode of Fawlty Towers starring John Clease. A snack followed and I did my nightly rounds.

similarities – have parks

differences – more stone used on buildings.


couch = setee

forest = wood

Future Ryan says: I sepnt most of the afternoon with Mr. Arnold. He led me on a loose walking tour of Stevenage, and we tramped through a forest thick with ferns, all in a light rain. The Stevenage Town Centre had glass spikes to keep pigeons from perching on things. I now own a copy of Scotland Yard, and have rewatched Fawlty Towers on DVD. As much as the British consider the series to be the funniest thing ever on TV, I find it hard to tolerate. It’s just John Cleese gettimg mad at problems that he himself created yet is too dense to realize. His troubles are his own making, and he berates his fellow employees for faults that are really his own. Teenage me liked it, but adult me doesn’t agree. Misdirected abuse isn’t funny, guys.

What on earth were my "nightly rounds"?


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