1 July 1995

I woke up and went down to a bowl of cereal in the morning. Nick was in a sailboat race in Broxbourne so I went for the ride.

We constructed a sailboat and bade Nick a safe voyage, I returned back and had quiche for lunch along with a salad and apple. Rachel and I played dominos for an hour then I left to pick up Nick. We deconstructed the boat and returned. I’m getting familiar with the road. We ate cauliflower with cheese for dinner. We sent to an outdoor pool party later. I didn’t swim long.

We returned back and took a shower before bed.

similarities – swim as much, public pools.

differences – licence plates, roads are categorized by travel. Motorways aren’t interrupted. A roads are average, and B roads are back roads.

language: sweater = jumper

Future Ryan says: When I arrived in Hertford, I recall seeing some cottages with thatched roofs. As with the coins in London, had I known how big a role that boats would play in my future, I would have paid more attention. Boy, I must have seen and done much more during this day than I wrote down. I’m so fixated on food here. I sat in the Arnolds’ kitchen, and Mr. Arnold offered me tea. I asked for it iced, and he gave me a puzzled look as if he’d never heard of such a thing before. Figures, iced tea is a uniquely American custom, popularized at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. News traveles slowly across the Atlantic, doesn’t it, Brits?


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