28 June 1995

I had breakfast at the hotel and then boarded a coach. We saw many sites in London including Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, and other sites. Many were so interesting, that I wanted to visit them longer.


Lunch at Ye Olde Cock Tavern Charles Dickens dined at. Food was good. Mr. S_____ then, after sightseeing, took a group, including me, shopping in Covent Gardens, a Roman market. Saw a neat candle shop. Ate dinner at the Prince of Wales restaurant. More cold chicken. Proceeded to Albery theatre to see Five Guys named Moe, a play. Five men helped another improve his life. Good use of audience. Returned to hotel. On the tour, I forgot to mention the Changing of the Guard. There were so many people I could only see a bit of it. What I did see was a group of traditional guards march by playing instruments quickly followed by some military people. The Horseguards never showed up.

Similarities – like to shop

Differences – have a monarch

Future Ryan says: Now this is what I came to see, and I regret that we had to pack so much into such a short time. I stood too short in a crowd to see the Changing of the Guard, but held my camera up to photograph what I couldn’t see. I saw the grave of Michael Faraday. I rode a moving sidewalk past the display of the Crown Jewels. We… ate more cold chicken.

The candle shop that I mentioned was very interesting. There was a woman making candles outside the shop. She dipped inflated balloons into black wax, building up layer upon layer. Then she popped the balloon and filled the hollow black shell with white wax. The finishing touch was to carve "BOOM" into the side. Get it?

I think it was this point in my London excursions that I set foot into a Games Workshop store, where dozens of men and boys played early WarHammer on a sea of plywood. Future Me would have paid more attention. Also, at some point during this shopping trip, my companion Jason, against all of our protests against the idea, bought a switchblade knife. Sure to our word, it was confiscated by airport security at Heathrow before our return flight.

The stage show "Moe" was very colorful and lively, and made incredible use of audience participation. Performers came down from the stage into the aisiles and called upon audience members with aisile seats to get up and dance with them. At one point, large confetti fluttered down from the ceiling. I picked one up off the floor. It read "turn me over". I did, and there, printed on the back, were the lyrics to the song they were singing, with a request to "join right in"! Nifty!


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