24 June 2010

We gathered at Bendix Woods Park. I met a kid named Smitty. He taught me to play bocce ball. We listened to announcements then drove to the airport. Once there, we got to the Northwest terminal, weighted our luggage, (22.5 pounds!) then waited at the gate after clearing security. The delegation drove back to the park to eat. We then gave cut roses to our parents then Mrs. K____ started a “eat and run” relay. My team came in 5th.

Some of the students I spent the most time with on the trip:

Future Ryan says: I took a bocce set with me to college, and played pick-up games on the campus courtyard. I’ve since learned that the rules I play with bear more similarity to French petanque than to Italian bocce. I actually enjoy the simplicity of petanque, since the playing field is far less defined and I can setup a game nearly anywhere.

This meeting was our official dress rehearsal for D-Day (Departure Day) two days later. The luggage weigh-in was very important since students with heavy luggage in years past had to do last minute triage to their travel gear. I think the weight limit was 50 pounds, and I was proud that I came in under half that. I used a black duffel bag with mounted wheels, rather than the rigid box-on-wheels that has since become predominant in luggage design. I wouldn’t choose that duffel bag design today; it was too heavy and not as collapsable as intended.


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