4 May 1995

A North Irish immigrant David Carville was present at this meeting. He told us some tips on Irish etiquette.

  • population 4 ½ million since 1942
  • 75°-80° in June
  • Not humid but damp
  • no rap music!
  • Dress shirt for church
  • Simple lifestyle
  • Like good manners
  • Buy stuff at duty-free shops
  • Like pop-tarts
  • Dark at 11:30pm, sun up at 3:00am

Travel tips were also given.

  • Mark used film canister
  • take powder detergent
  • carry money on person!

Group photo of us outside our hotel in Wales:

Future Ryan says: Past Me wrote down some weird things here. How can it be damp but not humid? I also never got an explanation about the Irish fixation on PopTarts, though I did take some for my Dublin homestay. The film canister tip was very useful but thankfully obsolete.


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