Launch of Project BI95

Today is the start of a new blogging project I’m starting this year. I’m commemorating my to-date only trip to Europe. As part of the People to People Student Ambassador Program, I traveled in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland from June 26th through July 17th, 1995. On this the fifteenth anniversary of this trip, I’ve decided to retro-actively "live-blog" my travel journal entries and photos. My younger self’s sometimes embarrassing perspectives will be presented unfiltered, but accompanied by annotations from my now-future self.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the first of several preparatory meetings held before the fateful flying across the pond.

Feb. 2, 1995

We met at the Notre Dame campus. The meeting was a general introduction. We attempted to learn each others’ names. A video on Ireland followed. Refreshments were served then we left.

Ryan-2010 says: "These preparation meetings usually took two or three hours, and were rather informal. The first few meetings were focused on learning about our fellow traveling companions, our adult leaders, and general knowledge of the British Isles. As we got closer to Departure Day, the meetings focused more on travel tips, packing advice, and even some airport dress rehearsals. As you can see, I was entirely underwhelmed by this first meeting.

Nifty Wikipedia Thing: The Wow Signal

Movies I’ve Seen:

The Darjeeling Limited (2007) ~ At least I stayed awake

Hotel Chevalier (2007) ~ abstract companion short to Darjeeling

What I’m Reading:

"Dave Barry’s Bad Habits" by Dave Barry

"Otis: Giving Rise to the Modern City" by Jason Goodwin


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