Life flows on…

We were saddened last month by the passing of Evelyn’s great-aunt Sylvia.  At the age of 90, Sylvia was the eldest child of her family’s most unifying figurehead, Pauline.  Evelyn found healing strength in bonding with her gregarious New York family.  Everyone in the family was glad to see each other, but "we wish it were under happier circumstances."  Our hearts go out to all those whe knew Sylvia in her life and theirs.

We got news of the funeral only the night before, and in less than two hours we were packed and out the door bound for New York.  Our trip back south was delayed by a snowstorm, but Evelyn’s relative Barbara (a published author) offered us a place to stay for the night.  We greatly appreciated your hospitality, Barbara!

This week’s picture above is of a set of 12 glass swans we are selling as table centerpieces.  They’re cut glass with a slightly pearlescent tint, and hold about a handful of stuff inside of them.  We’re asking $24 or best offer for the whole dozen.  If you’re in the Washington DC area and are interested, please leave me a comment.

In other news:

  • Neil’s currently on his Italian semester’s Spring Break.  He and an American colleague are touring Germany by train, and staying in various hostels.  You can see more of his photos of Italy here, here, here, and here.
  • The power cable for Evelyn’s laptop died, but luckily our friend Ian found a replacement.  You rock, Ian!
  • The Ryanarium’s good friend, ChaliceChick got into Georgetown University Law School.  You rock too, CC!
  • I’ve become an official collector of Kennedy half dollars.  I’m just a few specimens short of a 41-year set.
  • Thanks for the care package, Mom.  Evelyn put the chocolate to good use, the photos and frame grace the top of our stereo, and the 60-year-old metallurgy textbook is proudly shelved.
  • My former classmate Alerik thought I’d enjoy the webcomic Dresden Codak.  He was right.
  • Neat link: The Twentieth Century as told by Google Image Search.  I’d love to see this done for the 19th Century, too.
  • I spent a week cataloging my library of 400+ books.  The curious can download the list here.
  • I found my 150st geocache!  Wheeeeee!

Nifty Wikipedia Thing: Microsoft, circa 1978

What I’m Reading:
"Lost Chance in China" by John S. Service (I’m almost done, I swear!)
"Monitor" by James DeKay


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