Welcome to the world, Shoshana!

On November 5th, my sister-in-law birthed her second child, a girl.  For those of you interested in baby statistics, you’ll be delighted to know that she was 8 lbs at birth and was 20 inches long.  She is Shoshana Peninah, named for her father’s mother and her mother’s great-grandmother.  Her big brother Avi is proud to have a sibling, though he’s had a rough time this week since his daily routine is very disrupted.  Welcome to the world, Shoshana!  (Evelyn says she is *very* cuddly!)

We took Evelyn’s parents to the National Geographic museum, the Hall of Explorers.  It was a lot smaller than I expected, but the stuff they had was neat.  I respect the NGS for their ability to present information in a striking and memorable way without diluting its intellectual quality.  The museum is presently 4 semi-permanant galleries, and it only takes a few hours to take it all in, but it’s worthwhile.

On the other hand, the second floor of the National Portrait Gallery was too large to see in one sitting.  It’s really part of the National Museum of American Art.  This to me is the best art gallery in DC (since I’m not into folk, medieval, or modern art).

As an interesting anecdote, I found $7 in paper money in the gutter on the walk there.  Weird.  What’s also odd is that the Metro vending machines rejected my Sacajaweas… and my Susan B’s.. and my half dollars!  I was both miffed and irked by this.

My brother Neil, in his junior year at Indiana State University, will be studying abroad in Italy next spring.  Mom says the visa application process (the travel papers, not the credit card) have been a corker of an ordeal.  Neil will be spending the first half of 2007 in the eastern town of Macerata.

Internet Toys: Penguin Baseball and How Computers Work.  I’ll admit that I gathered statistics on the first; you should have your speakers on for the latter.

Nifty Wikipedia Thing: Gonzalo Guerrero

What I’m Reading: "Lost Chance in China" by John S. Service


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