Honeymoon (part 3)

I have a lot of ground to cover, so I’ll resort to the ever efficient List of Things:

  • We flew to California and spent 9 days with Evelyn’s family. I got to meet most of the people that knew her before college… 60 people turned up for the open house.
  • I got a chance to meet a former classmate of mine, Alerik, whom I haven’t seen in person for almost 6 years.
  • We visited the La Purisima mission just outside of town via the long walk on the aqueduct trail to get there. Welcome to lizard country! Have I ever mentioned how much I like lizards?
  • Evelyn’s Grandma Frieda had some unusual coins in her change bins… a few Eisenhower dollars, a Franklin half-dollar, quarters from before Washington back to 1897, and a nickel from 1901.
  • Larry showed me his coin collection too. Mostly international stuff (Swiss, Greek, Israeli, French, Mexican, etc.) and wheat pennies from 1909 onward. I got to hold the oldest coin I’ve ever held – a French coin from 1854!
  • We got a sneak preview of the Lompoc Civic Theater’s next production, A Sting in the Tail.
  • 9/11… never forget. This day should be a national day of remembrance.
  • Evelyn bought a bicycle! We’ve done two rides so far, 9 and 13 miles. The Arlington bike trails are fantastic!
  • We finally got a library card for Arlington County. It’s about time!
  • I’ve become obsessed with the Strauss-Howe generational cycle theory. Bottom line… things are going to get worse, then they will get better.
  • Seabiscuit and Big Fish are excellent movies! BTW, I’ve got a collection of movie and book reviews online.
  • Amusing Internet distractions: Line Rider and Anousheh Ansari’s blog

I’d like to send a big Thank You to all of those who came to see us in California, and for those who offered their hospitality. A great trip was made better by your efforts!

Nifty Wikipedia Thing: Stanislav Petrov

Music of the Moment: "Velvet Waltz" by Built to Spill

What I’m Reading: "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley


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