Brickfest 2006

We went to Brickfest 2006! Sharon wanted to take Avi there, and thought that us engineers would love to come along. There were all kinds of neat things to see there. There were starships, shipwrecks, and sculptures. There were sumo fights. There were claymation-styled Lego films. There lego playrooms for kids to build in.

But the coolest part was the main showroom. There were all kinds of models from castles to spaceports and everything in between. There were working machines, motorized statues, and elaborate group projects. Along the center of the room was a line of world-famous skyscrapers. To the right were the sculptures and sci-fi models. To the left was Brick City and the Great Ball Contraption. Brick City was a sprawling metropolis with several trains, a roundhouse and drawbridge, a maritime terminal and an airport, a rock concert, and many recognizable storefronts. The Great Ball Contraption is a collaborative project, the fruit of over 30 individuals each contributing a module or two of a Goldberg-esque machine whose sole function is to move Lego soccer balls in a circuit. Also nifty was a robot on a turntable that would always orient itself with magnetic north.

Avi loved playing in the Duplo building area. Evelyn was exposed to the vast potential of Legos, which she always considered to be nothing more than static bricks. She also got in a thoughtful discussion about how to make Legos more female-friendly. And I took lots of pictures which can be found in the Brickfest 2006 photo gallery on my site. Enjoy!

I’ve been playing lots of Attack Sub and Give Me the Brain lately. My boss gave me some good feedback about Ferrball’s Mansion that I’ve incorporated into the game. We’ve been watching lots of movies too. I’ve been writing movie reviews of films I’ve seen. And on Friday, we’ll be flying out to California for a week to visit Evelyn’s family and friends.

Nifty Wikipedia Thing: Arizona hurricanes

Music of the Moment: "Protocol" by Gordon Lightfoot

What I’m Reading: "Wahoo" by Richard O’Kane


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