Wanderlust and Acquisition

For over a year, Evelyn and I have been talking about moving out of our apartment and into a condo. Our Master Plan is to be free from the Rent Hole and into the Equity Hut by the end of the year. We’re aiming for a townhome, but we’ll settle for a clean garden-level condo. We have finally taken the first step of meeting with a realtor (from Long & Foster) who was cooperative to us Saturday walk-ins, and she showed us a couple of condos in our price range. I had an idea of what we’re getting into numberwise, but I’m stil worried that the condo fees/homeowner association fees are going to take a big chunk out of our budget and diminish the field of what we can afford. We plan on meeting some more realtors and visiting some more candidate sites in the coming weeks. If you have any advice on house-shopping in the Washington DC area, I’d be glad to hear it.

We took a walk through the neighborhood on Saturday. We stopped by the Long Branch Nature Center (which closed before we got there), took a peek at some nice condo groups near home, and found the nearest library (a task I’m surprised I haven’t done sooner) which had a quaint community garden around it and a solar-powered gazebo. But the most curious part of our pedestrian trek was as we passed a Baptist church. They had piled several boxes of free books by the curb which we eagerly rummaged through. I felt as though I was acting out the play of an unseen ‘Garage Sale’ card from Ferrball’s Mansion! Most of the books were Christian related, on how to pray or how to be a good missionary or how to offer psychological advice to congregants. But hidden in the pile was a Hebrew Old Testament, two books on Hebrew grammar, and a pair of classic novels (Balzac and R.L. Stevenson). For want of shade, we also salvaged a parasol that was decorated with famous literary quotes. There was also, I presume, an entire set of the 1990 Encyclopedia Brittanica. I passed it up since I’ve got Wikipedia instead; if you hurry, that set might still be there!

I’m also happy to report that I went kayaking for the first time in two years! Evelyn and I loaded up my bright green boat and drove out to Mason Neck State Park. She used one of the rental kayaks. The water was smooth and sheltered, which is a vast improvement over the fatiguing chop of Long Island Sound! We had a picnic lunch on the water, floating in the shade by the inlet shore and watched the fish fry swarming in the shallows.

Last week I purchased some wargames from a local gamer who decided to cut some unplayed dead wood from his collection. For a dollar each, I gave a good home to Cold War, Dawn Patrol, and Dark Crusade.

Also on the gaming front, Warriors Online v0.90 has been released, and my boss is playtesting Ferrball’s Mansion with his family.

Nifty Wikipedia Thing: the Republic of the Rio Grande

Music of the Moment: "Mushroom Hunting" by The Seat Belts

What I’m Reading: "Wahoo" by Richard O’Kane


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