A new direction

I’ve become fond of a couple blogs. The ChaliceBlog is authored by a person I know. She usually talks about religion, life, sometimes politics, and other nifty stuff. Rash.log finds the most unusual stuff worth looking at on the internet.

Evelyn enjoyed the Movies Under the Moon series of outdoor cinema last year, having seen Casablanca in the park. This year we both went and saw Madagascar, which was cool but not nearly as charming and timeless as Cars. We plan on seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark on Tuesday, on the big screen the way it was meant to be seen (which Evelyn has never seen it before).

Lately I’ve been wanting to bring more structure to the Ryanarium, mostly by adding some recurring features. I hope that doing so will make my log more interesting, motivate me to update more often, and leave breadcrumbs for me to follow in the future. So here goes…

I had no idea this existed: the Ryugyong Hotel

In the same vein of new features, I’ve decided to delete the music lists What’s In My Head 1&2 from the Ryanarium. They were extraneous and useless features. Instead I will just post whatever comes to me as I write updates….

Music of the Moment: "Tundra" by Squarepusher

also, What I’m Currently Reading: "The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells

Let it be known that I am an advocate of the dollar coin, third parties, and conservation!


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