We got a new (used) printer!

Yay! We got a new printer! You may remember me complaining about my old printer’s demise. Well, thanks to Kurt’s Mom, we finally got an upgrade, at least for now.

Our old printer was an HP III that our office had abandoned due to obsolescence (it was 12 years old, after all). But it was free. Free and heavy. It was a grueling undertaking getting that monster down to our car. According to the manual, it weighs 54.7 pounds! I had to keep it on the floor at home, since I doubted my desk’s structural ability to support such a weight. Well, it served us dutifully for two years, but started giving us problems last winter (okay, I broke it). Apparantly the HP III cannot accept 110lb cardstock. Doing so damages the toner roller, and the printer leaves ugly black streaks all over any printouts. I did this twice. Since 12 year old toner cartridges are rare these days, we kicked around the prospect of buying a new one.

But then our friend Kurt told us that his mother had an old printer she was hoping to give to a good home, an HP 5L. He offered it to me, and I decided to take it. At least our printouts would be streak-free. So now it’s home on my desk as I type this. The coolest thing about the 5L is that it weighs a quarter what the III weighs (17lb vs. 55lb), and it consumes less power while on standby mode (6W vs. 170W) and on fully operational mode (100W vs. 870W)! Nifty!

I’m close to launching my new game design website. I’ve decided, after finding out that Draconiaprime0 was getting over 200 hits a day, to put my new game design site on higher priority. I also took the time to update that old site, and gave the Hackel Family Movie Database a much-needed update.

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