New Troubles, Old Pennies (and a Question)

Hello again!
First, I’ve been having trouble with spam lately. Somebody has been using Spaces’ Trackback feature to link bogus advertising websites to my unrelated blog entries. I was weeding them out manually for a month, deleting five a week or so. It got annoying enough that I have enacted a Ban on Trackbacks for the entire Ryanarium. If you have used Trackbacks before or wanted to create a new one, sorry… you’ll have to find another way. What do you people use Trackbacks for, anyway?

Secondly, I’ve had incredible luck finding old Wheat Pennies around town. I’ve found three in less than two weeks, which is impressive for a coin that’s been out of print for 47 years! And they keep getting older as I find them: 1952, 1947, 1944. It’ll take a few decades, but eventually the Lincoln Memorial cent that we’re all familiar with will start getting this rare after it’s replaced in 2009. Still, it’s nice to come across a bit of history, hidden in the minute details of everyday life.

Lastly, I have a question that I’ve been meaning to ask for quite some time. I have been peeking at the Statistics page every now and then, and I’m getting 30+ hits a week! I apparantly have some recurring visitors, and it feels good to know I have an audience. Thanks! But I am curious about who you are, and where you got here from. Please leave a comment for me, and tell me a bit about yourself; I’d appreciate it!

Have a good Passover!

P.S.: Happy Birthday Ryanarium! It’s 1 year old as of April 15th!


One Response to “New Troubles, Old Pennies (and a Question)”

  1. Unknown Says:

    Just me! =)

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