Bathroom Humor

Today I witnessed something so bizarre that I felt compelled to share it here.
First, some comparative backstory.  A few years ago, my then girlfriend and I were driving through Kentucky, and stopped at a truck stop to make a bathroom break.  She came back shocked and horrified that there were ashtrays in the toilet stalls.  It was absurd to us that someone could be so addicted to smoking that they simply could not stop long enough to answer a call from nature.  We chalked it up to Kentuckians, thinking us suave urbanites were immune from such addictions.
Well, today I found our coastal addiction.  I work in a six-story office building in Washington, DC, which houses several contractors.  Each floor shares one centrally-located restroom per gender.  I went to partake of the facilities this afternoon, and as I was leaving, a young man strode forward to partake in those same wall-mounted fixtures.  He stood there, using his left hand to steady his aim, and the right hand… to drink coffee while he was peeing!  He was sipping his joe straight from a disposable Starbucks-style cup while he was in the act of disposing of his prior fix.  Imagine, needing coffee so badly that you simply can’t go without it, taking it straight to the urinal with you.  One fluid going in, and one going out!  (For the hygenically minded, the cup did have a lid on it, so relax.)

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