Mystery Spot #1

Hello again!

The last week hasn’t been eventful. I’ve taken up
a temporary office relocation; I’m supporting an understaffed project
at an office in DC, which could last anywhere from two weeks to two
months; We helped Evelyn’s landlord Liam install some weatherproofing
around the windows in Evelyn’s apartment. She and I have also taken to
playing lots of Attack Sub on our evenings.

For those of you in the DC metro area and have a GPS unit, here’s a mystery spot to investigate:
N 38*53.610
W 077*01.417
If you think you’ve found it, send me an email (deeplogic[at]excite[dot]com) answering the following questions:
1) To what friend was this project confided?
2) On what date was it dedicated?

This is not an official geocache with
They are going to change thier virtual cache policies by the end of the
year, and I don’t want to post this one with such a drastic
transformation impending. So it is here for my readers to enjoy. It may
become official early next year.

Have a good week!


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